About to Take Podcasting to the Next Level!!

I now have a microphone, mixer, headphones and HD webcam on the way from Amazon. I’m planning on doing podcast related recordings on a more regular basis now that I have some better equipment.  Based on my own interest in other people’s podcasts, I can see the potential of audio/video as a means of delivering information.  It’s easier to absorb the information and it frees up people’s eyes/hands to do other things.

Up until now, I was using my computer’s built-in webcam and built-in mic and I didn’t want to create a whole lot of material with such relatively low-quality equipment, so I figured it was time to get something basic, yet much better, to improve the sound/video quality and open the door to possible co-hosts, interviews, etc.

Hopefully I made the right choices. I have no experience with any of this kind of stuff; but I was able to find some good info, such as theaudacitytopodcast.com and some various other reading/research. Continue reading About to Take Podcasting to the Next Level!!

Video Podcast #5: Cooking With a Solar Oven – Vegetable Soup

Using the “free energy” of the sun to cook a vegetable soup.

It was a hot July day, where the temperature was around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We decided to cook a vegetable soup with the hot July sun and our “global sun oven”.

The soup was cooked in stages, between 11AM and 4PM. We started by throwing in some coconut oil, onion and garlic, then added the japanese sweet potato later, then the broccoli and carrots, then finishing up with the coconut milk, water, herbs and spices.