It’s a Jetsons World: Private Miracles and Public Crimes – by Jeffrey Tucker

I have a rare treat for my readers today. This is an audio book, It’s a Jetsons World: Private Miracles and Public Crimes, read by Stefan Molyneux. This book is by far one of the best descriptions of how fantastic of a world we live in, yet often are not aware of it, because we become desensitized to it and take it for granted.

We often do not fully realize the potential of what we have available to us, perhaps because we are slaves to our day-to-day perspectives and habit patterns. Sometimes it helps to step back for a moment, so we may realize what is available to us.

Think back just a decade or two and remember what the world was like. Could you have even imagined all of the wonderful tools that are now available to virtually everyone at little if any cost? Imagine what it would be like to go directly from the world of the 1980’s to the world of today? Wouldn’t you be blown away by the fantastic pace of change that has happened in many areas of life?

The marketplace of innovation and ideas has brought us so many magnificent additions; but it’s up to us to figure out how to get the most out of it. Imagine what it will be like in another 10-20 years, if the marketplace of innovation and ideas is allowed to continue along. Furthermore, imagine what it will be like if people are motivated by the inspiration they receive, when they contemplate the vast potential of everything we have and are in the process of creating.


We are surrounded by miracles created in the private sector, particularly in the digital universe, and yet we don’t appreciate them enough. Meanwhile, the public sector is systematically wrecking the physical world in sneaky and petty ways that really do matter.
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Modern-Day Human Farming: Democratic “Tax Farms”

There’s a relatively new kind of farm, it’s a modern-day farm, incorporating many of the lessons learned over the past few centuries. This is a “human” farm, a new kind of highly profitable “democratic” tax farm, where human beings are controlled, manipulated and made to police each other; but all the while, they think they are free, in control and can “vote”, which causes them to tolerate it.

What the tax livestock don’t realize, however, is the mere existence of a system of voting, does not necessarily mean members of the society will actually be free. They don’t realize that virtually every mechanism for supposed change, in their society, is unable to actually effect change. Most of these great implements of democracy: voting, protest, political office, violence, etc, are completely unable to change society.