Creating a Paradigm Shift: Revitalizing the Way You View Yourself and the World

“A world that is Free is not United, A World that is United is not Free”. It will take some work and resources on your behalf and work to educate yourself and understand what is happening. The Controllers that run the world want to take away your national boundaries and make a world culture inside your borders. This means no homeland for any culture or nationality.

–Anthony J. Hilder

Today I want to discuss a set of transformative experiences I had around the year 2003, as well as a few of the individuals who helped me to see a new path. This transformation has as much relevance today as it did during that time, nearly 10 years ago, it echoed and amplified similar transformations I’d had in the previous decade, when I was gaining independence from religion. The years which followed this transformation have served me well as further refinement.

It was during this 2003 time-frame that I really started branching out and looking for answers; I was looking for these answers on various fronts.

  • The nature of the body’s health and vitality and how to attain true health and wellness.
  • The nature of the paranormal, particularly psychic phenomena.
  • The nature of government and power in society.

It was at this time that I started reading more about Edgar Cayce, on the advice of a good friend. The part I found particularly interesting were the health readings and the dietary recommendation. I decided, what could it hurt, why not try some of the dietary recommendations? So I tried it out and was I ever blown away by the effect it had on me overall. It was like wiping clean the dirty lens that was my consciousness, a lens that I did not realize was filthy.

This was only the beginning of a journey towards health and wellness, which was greater than I had ever realized possible. It was only after this that I tried acupuncture, juicing, fasting, etc. I was emboldened to try truly radical approaches to change myself and I was most certainly not disappointed with the results.

I also started more vigorously studying the paranormal and realizing that there might just be a bit more to reality than I had been lead to believe. The work of Cayce provided many avenues down which to travel and I also explored other areas as I became aware of them. This left me with, not only a completely revitalized view of my self; but also a completely revitalized view of existence.

Another path I ventured down, was the path of questioning authority in a deeper way than I had previously known. I started to entertain ideas about conspiracies. I opened my mind to the possibility, in the hope that I might find a greater truth and have answered some of the questions that are never answered by the conventional dialog.

One of the first conspiracy-related lectures I ever watched online, was introduced by Anthony J. Hilder and given by Jordan Maxwell. It was somewhat of a pivotal moment in my life, where I decided to walk, even further, down that different path I was on, into the thick of it. This is when I decided to turn away from the herd mentality and walk to the beat of a different drum. I had heard this drumbeat at times in years previous; but this time I felt the urge to be swept up in the new rhythm.

The first in-depth lecture was called Inner World of the Occult and it featured lecturer/researcher Jordan Maxwell. This event opened up my mind to alternative possibilities and alternative ways of seeing the world, which I had previously not considered in depth. It shed light on so many new possibilities in meticulous detail, that it was an adventure to take it all in.

Now, whether or not I understand or agree with the finer points of what Jordan and Anthony say, at this point, is irrelevant. I think it is pretty clear that they were on the right track, if you’ll just look at the events of the past 11 years outside of the storybook narrative of the government and the media. The details are not the point of what I’m saying here anyways.

The important thing, is that my understanding has gone beyond anything said by any group or individual, it has detached from experiencing reality vicariously through others, or through institutions. Having radically different information at my disposal, caused me to question what I’ve been told all my life, in a very substantial way. I learned to question absolutely everything I had been told and take nothing at face value.

Like Anthony said, “a world that is free is not united, a world that is united is not free”, this is true for our own individual freedom, our own individual world. Truth and freedom must be realized at an individual level, or not at all; because there is no way to attain these things in a top-down fashion; as that would merely be an illusion.

Nobody but yourself can make you free. No government, no institution, no religion, no guru; you are the one who realizes the greater freedom within yourself and expands the possibilities; you have to genuinely want it in order to realize it.

This can be done by learning how to explore ideas, explore the world around us and boldly challenging our boundaries and our fears, in ways that might make us uncomfortable at times, in ways that may make us feel vulnerable to change.

So often, we are taught to fear being different, to fear what others will think, venturing out and remaking our self anew. We certainly don’t know for certain, what will be on the other side of the event horizon, when we engage in these kinds of transformative processes.

The world I found when I polished the lens of my own consciousness, wasn’t the world I was told was there, absolutely not. It was a completely different world that you’ve got to experience to its fullest to understand. Latching onto ideals and trying to stay within the realm of socially acceptable experience of reality, is not going to bring you to the truth; it will only distance you from the truth and lock you in a pattern that will be progressively more difficult to break from.

To be truly free, you’ve got to be willing to venture where others are unwilling to go. You’ve got to be fearless, where others are timid. You’ve got to be bold and action oriented, where others are lethargic and aimless. You’ve got to have the courage to stand up, step away from the mechanisms of your control and take matters into your own hands.

Sure, you’ll be wrong at times. You’ll make yourself look like a fool or an ass. You’ll hit dead ends and roadblocks; but by and large, you will be far closer to the truth than those who choose never to venture out of their box. If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not trying. If you’re not willing to admit you’ve made mistakes, you will never better yourself.

All I can hope to do is share my experiences, of how I continuously strive to realize greater freedom and independence, in the hope that it will inspire you to realize a greater awareness in yourself. I’m not trying to tell you what to think; but I am merely trying to get you to look at what is in front of you from a fresh perspective, so that you may rediscover it.

On My Early Search for Deeper Answers: God, Consciousness, Religion, Spirituality

This is something I recently wrote, in response to an acquaintance’s open ended question: “God exists? Prove it.”

I would certainly like to build on it with a deeper exploration some time in the future; but it is a good summary of the first stages of my journey.

Before getting into this, I’d like to note that I have nothing against any particular religion per se; but am merely referring to the experience of various religious groups and individuals I had during that time in my life. To me, it’s not a person’s religion that matters, it is their character that is important.

I’ve met many people of religion who use the religion to mask and legitimize a violent and oppressive nature, while I’ve met people with no religion at all who are compassionate and wonderful people and vice versa. Religion has nothing to do with it, so we have to see beyond the labels we ascribe to ourselves, if we really want to get to know one another.

When I was early in my search for answers, I used to be very concerned with its existence or lack thereof, of this entity called God. I was originally raised as a Christian, which seems to be the default in this part of the world.

I realized after awhile, however, that most of the claims of the adherents of this religion, seemed to be founded on circular reasoning referencing the Bible. I found that whenever I inquired for more information or questioned events, I was strongly discouraged and often separated from the other kids at Sunday school and reprimanded.

It was always puzzling to me, why they did not have answers, beyond merely what was written, to back up their claims. Their lack of curiosity, to know more about their own religion which they claim to value so highly, was also perplexing.

I investigated the Bible only to find myself disappointed, when I found that the Christians I knew at the time knew virtually nothing of its origin. The sources I read indicated that there was more information about the origin; but even this additional information wasn’t very compelling to establish the authority of the bible. The disappointment only grew when I realized that it had been tampered with by various governments and appeared to be a tool to control people’s behavior.

My knee jerk response was to become an Athiest, then after reading a compelling piece called “Why I am Agnostic” by Robert Ingersoll, I then became an agnostic for several years.

I realized after awhile that I was letting the modern conceptions of religion define my own spirituality, limiting my experience and awareness. I was letting the fact that I was *not* something, cause me to be the “other side of the coin,” so to speak. To where I was defining my relationship to the deeper and more mysterious aspects of reality, still in terms of a religion that I did not believe in, when it really should have no relevance at all.

I had a number of experiences, particularly a very powerful out of body trip on Ayahuasca, in which I realized that my materialistic atheistic/agnostic approach was deeply flawed. As is common during DMT experiences, I experienced extreme time dilation and a number of other phenomena, in which I became privy to experience and information that is impossible under normal circumstances. To me, this experience was highly profound and cannot be attributed to mere biochemical interactions and nerve firings.

I could go on in great length about the particulars of the experience and would be happy to share more sometime; but suffice it to say, I realized that our “alert problem solving reality” is far from all there is; that there is a much deeper and more sophisticated reality underlying the phenomena we see on a daily basis, which is responsible for consciousness itself.

Now, I believe that conscious awareness and the intricate and infinitely scalable structure thereof, is the cause of our shared physical reality and not that our physical reality is the cause of consciousness.

This notion of God or Godlessness, religion or a-religion seems to color our experience; but it seems unnecessary. It’s typically an attachment to a belief that is not rooted in actual experience. At this point in my life, I feel that the nebulous concept of “God” doesn’t really matter; but what does matter is that we become conscious and aware of our own experiential reality, so we can become more aware of the deeper facets of conscious existence.