Beating the illegally run IRS in the legal system.

End Tax SlaveryWhile researching the Internal Revenue Service and their lack of authority to collect taxes on wages, I came accross an interesting discussion thread and message board in which non-taxpayers discuss their run-ins with the IRS.

Many of the people on this forum are quite well informed about matters of law; much can be learned from a review of these cases involving the IRS.

The forum can be accessed here:

Please send copies of this post, or at least share the url, with all of your friends and associates who are non-taxpayers.

In case some of you have not heard, earlier this month, an American Citizen employed by Mitsubishi Motors, who was charged with and indicted on Willful failure to file tax returns, and tax evasion, and was accused by a Grand Jury of violating 26 USC 7201 and 26 USC 7203, had all of the 6 charges against him dismissed WITH PREJUDICE, after the USG attorneys learned that as part of his defense, his attorney would be introducing the Paperwork Reduction Act and the IRS’s repeated failures to comply with that positive enacted law. Continue reading Beating the illegally run IRS in the legal system.

Timothy Leary: How to Operate Your Brain

Video: Timothy Leary: How to Operate Your Brain

The complete owner’s guide, How to Operate Your Brain, is a 29 minute, guided, electronic (spoken/musical) meditation. In it, Dr. Leary tries to impart to the listener essential aspects of his visionary psychadellic experiences.

I have also included an article by one of Timothy Leary’s friends. Its hard to believe that its already been 10 years since Mr. Leary’s death. Continue reading Timothy Leary: How to Operate Your Brain

Transitioning to a Healthy Lifestyle

I often encounter individuals who are depressed about their health; they feel that, although they know some of the basics of a healthy lifestyle, there is little to nothing that they can do to change the situation. I was once of the same mindset, and I can honestly say that much can be done with a few fundamental changes in perception.

Many of us fail to realize that, in order to break out of the cycle of self-abuse, it is essential that daily habits come under scrutiny. Unfortunately, however, most of us cleave tightly to our habits as if they were some sort of sacred ritual not to be criticized or changed in any way. This is individualism at its best. I cannot even begin to keep track of the number of health-related exchanges I’ve had with others in which they dismiss rock-solid scientific evidence because it is inconvenient or it causes them to call into question the beneficiality of their daily routines.

One thing that we need to keep in mind, however, is that the human body is a marvelous machine. When it is cared for properly, it will thrive and provide years of happiness and harmony. When it is abused, it will gradually break down and cause physical and spiritual degredation.

Many will argue that they are perfectly happy eating highly processed foods. Sure, they may feel quite well after gulping down a giant soft drink or eating a bag of cheezy poofs; but do any of these people realize what chemical reactions are taking place in their body after imbibing these substances?

Changing to a Vegetable-Based Diet

The human body functions best when its diet consists of un-processed natural ingredients. It is therefore essential that one avoid the center portion of the supermarket, as most of the foods in this portion are highly processed, utilize partially hydrogenated oils and may contain harmful sugar substitutes such as Splenda.

Optimally, 80-90% of our food should be fresh produce, with the bulk of that being above-ground vegetables. Fresh produce contains valuable enzymes, is easy for the body to digest and aids in the elimination of wastes and accumulated toxins.

If you find it difficult to believe that the typical diet is so far off from what it needs to be, try adding a decent amount of produce to your daily intake and note how you feel a week later. If your experience is anything like mine, you will achieve the necessary motivation once you feel the tremendous difference a produce-based diet makes.

Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve discovered, through my experiences, that most of the effort consumed while sucessfully transitioning is geared towards restraint. There are many foods available in the supermarket which have some level of toxicity; we have to do our homework and understand this before we place these foods into our bodies.

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