9/11: PROOF that thermite explosives brought the towers down…


If you’re a 9/11 coincidence theorist, this is where you might want to close your eyes, plug your ears and scream real loud.

1. Thermite Melted the Steel.

This is a conventional fire..

This is a thermite reaction..

Steel has a melting point of 2500 degrees. Before 9/11, a steel structured building had never fallen from fire damage. On 9/11, three such buildings allegedly fell from fire damage.

Here is all the proof you need that conventional fire cannot melt steel..

Now watch this video footage of thermite pouring out of a wound in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Notice the distinct difference between it and the larger conventional fire to it’s above left.

More than likely, the thermite was used to soften the steel columns enough so that a small and discreet amount of explosive material would be sufficient to bring down the towers. Had the demolition sequence been executed without thermite, heavier explosives would have been necessary to bring down the buildings and would have resulted in obvious explosions. Yet as you will see below, squibs (lateral explosions) were still clearly visible.

2. Bombs were planted in the buildings.

These are controlled demolitions of buildings using demolition charges..

Here are the squibs in the twin towers. You may note that the squibs appear smaller than those in the buildings above. This is not the case. The twin towers were just much larger structures. They were almost a quarter mile tall so the squibs appear small in comparison to the buildings.

The squibs were evenly placed all the way down the building. Watch the 2nd video down.

This is world trade center building 7 collapsing at 5:30 pm on 9/11. It was not even hit by a plane.

Larry Silverstein, the leaseholder of the building later admitted in a PBS documentary that they “pulled” building 7, a demoltion term for controlled demolition, even though it takes at least days to plant charges and there were small fires in the lower section of the building when it fell. They couldn’t have moved explosives in before they put the fires out.

Here is a close up video of world trade center building 7’s collapse in which you can see unmistakable evidence of demolition charges going off.

3. A laser guidance system was likely used to adjust the flight path of the planes.

Here are a couple photos of the target designator (laser) being shone on the south tower to adjust the trajectory of flight 175.

Now watch this video footage of thermite pouring out of a wound in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Notice the distinct difference between it and the larger conventional fire to it’s above left.

Now watch rare, close-up video footage of the target designator guiding flight 175 into the south tower here.

You can read about how target designators are used in military applications here.


Meet Marvin Bush, the Man in charge of Securacom, the company that ran security for the World Trade Center and United Airlines.

Meet Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, who filed for executive police state powers on September 7th 2001, just four days before 9/11.

Meet Jonathan Bush, whose Riggs bank was fined a record breaking 25 million dollars for laundering terrorist funds.

..and the next time you see George Herbert Walker Bush, ask him if he enjoyed his breakfast with Shafig Bin Laden on the morning of 9/11 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York.

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Why it happened..

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What is at stake?

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